I see a man for counseling named Craig.  One day several years ago he said something along the lines of letting go of work on the way home by becoming engaged in his surroundings, i.e. trees along the road, etc.  One day I was driving to work and as I took the last exit before work, I noticed how beautiful the sky was.  Without thinking, I immediately named it the Craig Factor.  As time went on, the Craig Factor became basically, living with intention.  To be connected to some moment in time during the day.  I decided it would be fun for me to share a photo and quote each day as a way to perhaps share a Craig Factor moment with all of you.  (If you click on the picture, that will enlarge it).  If you go back in  past months and years, if there is not a picture, click on the date which is a link, and it will bring up the picture.  All of the pictures were taken either by myself or family and friends and occasionally a friend of a friend.  Please feel free to leave comments.

(The last couple of years I started featuring a person on the first of each month and also a theme week each month).

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