From Meri Murphy’s Blog “Way-back-when, in October, 2010, I went to Syria.  I’d just started my journey (September, 2010), having visited only Bulgaria and Turkey. I very much wanted to see for myself what this prominent member of the Axis of Evil had to offer.

Syria was my favorite country – maybe because it was the biggest surprise:  beautiful, with hospitable and kind people, easy to get around.  Since it was still early in my journey, maybe the biggest surprise of all was that life there paralleled life here:  people lived in apartments or houses, they went to work, and came home to their families at the end of the day.  Many drove cars. The children went to school.  People went  shopping – and making it exotic, they also shopped at the Souq.”

From the Christian Science Monitor, May 5, 2014  “The Crac des Chevaliers once held off a siege by the Muslim warrior Saladin some 900 years ago, but today bears the wounds of modern warfare: heavy artillery damaged its walls, an airstrike punctured its roof, and shrapnel tore through its religious artifacts.

From its towering hilltop perch in western Syria, the world’s best preserved medieval Crusader castle has fallen victim to the chaos of Syria’s civil war as rebels fight to topple President Bashar Assad. The damage done to the majestic stone structure, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site, shows that the warring sides will stop at nothing, including the destruction of the country’s rich heritage, to hold on to power or territory.”


Photo Meri Murphy



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  1. Di Anne Lewis says:

    How ineffably sad to read Meri’s October, 2010 blog post knowing what has happened since.
    Way back when indeed ~ ~ ~

  2. Jesse says:

    A fitting way to end International Week, with a little history! Another good week Sandy! Love this photo, castles are cool 🙂

  3. Di Anne Lewis says:

    Jeopardy question:
    What country or place on earth hasn’t Meri Murphy visited?

    • Sandy says:

      I am really happy Meri is back traveling. She had a long stretch of not traveling. She is or just left Corsica, which is my final picture tomorrow. Stay tuned.

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