If you were only one inch tall, you’d ride a worm to school.
The teardrop of a crying ant would be your swimming pool.
A crumb of cake would be a feast
And last you seven days at least,
A flea would be a frightening beast
If you were one inch tall.

If you were only one inch tall, you’d walk beneath the door,
And it would take about a month to get down to the store.
A bit of fluff would be your bed,
You’d swing upon a spider’s thread,
And wear a thimble on your head
If you were one inch tall.

You’d surf across the kitchen sink upon a stick of gum.
You couldn’t hug your mama, you’d just have to hug her thumb.
You’d run from people’s feet in fright,
To move a pen would take all night,
(This poem took fourteen years to write–
‘Cause I’m just one inch tall).”
Shel Silverstein, Where the Sidewalk Ends

Photo Sandy Sage

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7 Responses to

  1. Barbara Estinson says:

    Craigfactor is back! Welcome home, Sandy. Is that swimming pool at Lynn and Gary’s? It sure looks inviting! And now I am imagining being one inch tall.

  2. Di Anne Lewis says:

    Shel Silverstein is back. Are you happy Jesse? Sandy and craigfactor are back. Are we all happy or what?!
    Shel Silverstein’s thoughts on being one inch tall brings to mind 1957’s “The Incredible Shrinking Man” – – – a classic sci-fi film that resonates to this day.

  3. Brenda McCracken says:

    I’m glad you’re back, Sandy.

  4. Jesse says:

    Oh my goodness, and Sandy comes back with Silverstein, ok you are forgiven for leaving us haha, excellent, CraigFactor back in action! 🙂

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