Grover wore his fake feet and his pants to pass as human. He wore a green rasta-style cap, because when it rained his curly hair flattened and you could just see the tips of his horns. His bright orange backpack was full of scrap metal and apples to snack on. In his pocket was a set of reed pipes his daddy goat had carved for him, even though he only knew two songs: Mozart’s Piano Concerto no. 12 and Hilary Duff’s “So Yesterday,” both of which sounded pretty bad on reed pipes. Rick Riordan, The Lightning Thief

Photo John Baumann

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9 Responses to ANIMAL WEEK

  1. Di Anne Lewis says:

    Fun quote to go with John Baumann’s photo!

    And I learned something today too:
    Not knowing what a rasta-style cap is I Googled and now know what these hats I see all the time are called and their origin : )

    • Sandy says:

      Do you have the link. I was too lazy to look it up although I think I know what the hats look like but not sure, and definitely don’t know history.

      • Di Anne Lewis says:

        Hi Sandy! I simply entered “rasta-style cap” in Google search line – – – pictures, Wikipedia’s rastacap (with origin, etc.), and lots more came up : )

      • Sandy says:

        I not sure that is what I thought on the cap but in looking it up, I’ve seen lots of those, didn’t know the name I guess.

  2. Barbara Estinson says:

    That is a fun quote to go with John’s great mountain goat picture.

  3. Jesse says:

    What? More homework?

  4. Jesse says:

    Look at that impressive goat, he looks quite alpha in the photo 🙂

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