James Sherman Sage 12/8/26 – 3/3/17

At last,

I shall give myself to the desert again

that I, in its golden dust,

may be blown from a barren peak

broadcast over the sun-lands.

If you should desire some news of me

go ask the little horned toad

whose home is in the dust

or seek it among the fragrant sage,

or question the mountain juniper

and by their silence

they will truly inform you.

Maynard Dixon

dad-headshot-uPhoto Sam Lamport

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8 Responses to James Sherman Sage 12/8/26 – 3/3/17

  1. Kathy says:

    This is just beautiful in every way.

  2. Barbara Estinson says:

    Sandy, what a beautiful post today commemorating your dad. The quote is so perfect for him … and for all of us, really. Of course his picture is wonderful. Thinking many thoughts of you today.

  3. Di Anne Lewis says:

    James Sherman Sage and Maynard Dixon were and are kindred souls….never having known of Maynard Dixon I researched this morning and all I can say is that I’m quite sure he greeted your Dad among all the angels:
    “Come along Jim! I’ve been waiting for almost 71 years for you to join me in our beloved deserts in, on, and beyond – – – your Chihuahuan desert intrigues me – – – the welcoming angels promised to help us put together a cloud show – – – “

  4. Jesse says:

    I think you have sent me this particular picture before, this is my favorite one, he looks very content! I am glad you had an opportunity to spend some time with him in retirement, I am sure he was thankful to have you there the past few years. Thinking about you Sandy 😦

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