Luana Ross

Photo Alicia Woods

Photo Alicia Woods

The whole concept of ‘wild’ was decidedly European, one not shared by the original inhabitants of this continent. What we called ‘wilderness’ was to the Indian a homeland, ‘abiding loveliness’ in Salish or Piegan. The land was not something to be feared or conquered, and ‘wildlife’ were neither wild nor alien; they were relatives.  Doug Peacock, Grizzly Years: In Search of the American Wilderness

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6 Responses to Luana Ross

  1. Barbara Estinson says:

    Yay! Craigfactor is off to a good start for 2017! Luana sure looks like a neat person!

  2. Donna Ehrke says:

    I started reading the earlier posts, going backwards from Dec. 2015, and I couldn’t stop… this is amazing stuff, Sandy. I’m entranced. Well done, you!

  3. Jesse says:

    Yeah so many good quotes and pictures on here over the years, I noticed Donna took the pictures on day two? Nice!

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