When you’re a little kid, you have something. Maybe it’s a blanket or a stuffed animal or whatever. For me, it was this stuffed prairie dog that I got one Christmas when I was like three. I don’t even know where they found a stuffed prairie dog, but whatever, it sat up on its hind legs and I called him Marvin, and I dragged Marvin around by his prairie dog ears until I was about ten. And then at some point, it was nothing personal against Marvin, but he started spending more time in the closet with my other toys, and then more time, until finally Marvin became a full-time resident of the closet. But for many years afterward, sometimes I would get Marvin out of the closet and just hang out with him for a while—not for me, but for Marvin. I realized it was crazy, but I still did it. And the thing I wanted to say to Tiny is that sometimes, I feel like his Marvin. John Green, Will Grayson, Will Grayson

closet stuffed animals

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1 Response to CHRISTMAS WEEK

  1. Barb Estinson says:

    Cool quote and picture. It makes me think of the old, ragged, one legged red and white teddy bear that I’ve had since childhood … he sits unappreciated in the downstairs bedroom. Maybe I’ll go give him a hug today.

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