The big house… reminded me of the types of structures you can still see in places like Center City: gingerbread houses, two-story affairs built back in the nineteenth century when people didn’t have televisions and were forced to build interesting things out of wood. I have a theory that the outrageous fashions you see in pre-twentieth century culture came about as a result of the lack of television. I’m talking wild hats on women with lots of feathers, pelts, sequined dresses with long trains, as well as top hats on the men, with long-tailed coats. I figure that life in those days was so dull that people themselves became televisions. I’m still working on the theory. I include European royalty in this construct, but let’s move on. Gary Reilly, Doctor Lovebeads

nan christmas

Photo Nancy Six

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5 Responses to CHRISTMAS WEEK

  1. Barb Estinson says:

    Wow, what a neat gingerbread house! Does it belong to Nancy?

  2. Nancy Six says:

    Barb – the gingerbread house was part of a big display that the Seattle Sheraton has each year. Local chefs design and build the gingerbread displays. The display is to benefit the Juvenile Diabetes foundation and they have collection boxes there. This one was from last year. This year’s theme was Star Wars and the displays were nice, but not quite like last years!

  3. ~me says:


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