Translations for Micrometer
From our Multilingual Translation Dictionary

ميكرومتر Arabic
Micròmetre Catalan, Valencian
Mikrometr Czech
Messschraube, MikrometerGerman
Mikrometro Esperanto
Micrómetro Spanish
Kruvik Estonian
Mikrometro Basque
میکرومتر Persian
Mikrometriruuvi Finnish
Micromètre French
מיקרומטר Hebrew
सूक्ष्ममापी Hindi
Mikrométer Hungarian
Micrometro Interlingua
Mikrometer Indonesian
micron, micrometro Italian
マイクロメートル, マイクロメータ Japanese
마이크로미터 Korean
Micrometrus Latin
MikrometerschraufLuxembourgish, Letzeburgesch
Mikrometras Lithuanian
Mikrometrs Latvian
mikrometer, jangka halus Malay
micrometer Dutch
mikrometer Norwegian
mikrometr Polish
micrómetro Portuguese
micrometru Romanian
микрометр, микрометр гладкий, микрон Russian
mikrometarski vijak Serbo-Croatian
mikrometer Slovak
mikrometer Slovene
mikrometer Swedish
మైక్రోమీటరు Telugu
Мікрометр Ukrainian
Micrômet Vietnamese

sam micrometer u

Photo Sam Lamport

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  1. Di Anne Lewis says:

    Thank you Sandy! I just copied & printed for reference the next time I need to call Comcast.

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