Narrow streets are beautiful because you are closer to the realities! Mehmet Murat ildan

Eloy Sevila 1 u

Photo Eloy Mula

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  1. Jesse says:

    And claustrophobic 🙂

    • Sandy says:

      I’d take my chances at being claustrophobic if I got a chance to walk here in Seville!

    • Di Anne Lewis says:


      • Di Anne Lewis says:

        “Amen” was supposed to be in reply to Jesse’s comment, i.e. I’m not sure I’d want to take a chance at being claustrophobic in Seville or anywhere else for that matter – – – not to mention the added anxiety of not speaking the language while trying to get directions out of the claustrophobic maze – – –

      • Sandy says:

        I will have to tell you some time about my trip to France if I haven’t already. Fortunately at the end of the maze was champagne in the heart of where they make champagne!

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