The Puerta del Sol contains a number of well known sights both domestically and internationally associated with Spain…the square holds a mounted statue of Charles III of Spain, nicknamed “el rey alcalde” (“the mayor-king”) due to the extensive public works program he set in motion. The famous Tío Pepe lighted sign is above the square’s eastern building between the Calle de Alcalá and the Carrera de San Jerónimo.

eloy Equestrian statue of Charles III of Spain in Madrid u

Photo Eloy Mula

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  1. Di Anne Lewis says:

    I’d like to think that King Charles III was a Tio Pepe aficionado but he died in 1788 and the Tio Pepe soleras weren’t established until1844. I wonder if anyone has ever placed a glass of this fine dry sherry in the statue’s left hand on his January 20 birthday considering that per historian Stanley Payne Charles III “was probably the most successful European ruler of his generation. He had provided firm, consistent, intelligent leadership. He had chosen capable ministers….[his] personal life had won the respect of the people.”

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