The Man on Cape Flattery

Rum bottle nods with sanction
on gentle sway
The old dog spat snuff juice
that took wind
Puffins drift below the haze
Cape Flattery is no tale

Chocolate on a white man,
the solitary wile
brackish breeze
wanders along impressions,
dints in a sea chiseled face
Heads pressed vigorously
to confine what coat resembles
beneath salted rags
Today he lives as Makah

Stained by sun and sea
Brows fall low
to hush the truth
conveyed by green eyes
Sun at high noon
jump back from the fluid sapphire
The sea, it whispers
never a lie

Sea lions yap
Snuff juice took wind
Towards Tatoosh Island
rigid draft pushes stares
Aged salt grinned at old thoughts
A child hugs heavy thighs
and bawls
It is hard for him to witness
What these elements can do to a man
and sun
Earle Brown

milo cape flattery U

Photo Milo

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4 Responses to

  1. Barb Estinson says:

    Love the picture.

  2. Di Anne Lewis says:

    Yet another craigfactor wonderfulness:
    Earle Brown’s “The Man on Cape Flattery” and “Photo Milo” – – – haunting – – –

    • Sandy says:

      I think I might have heard of Cape Flattery when I lived on the Olympic Penninsula, not sure. But when Milo sent me the pic, I really liked it. I have one to use also of Tatoosh Island.

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