But we never built churches. We didn’t need to. The land was the church. The land was the religion. The land was older and wiser than the people who walked on it. It gave us salmon and corn and buffalo and passenger pigeons. It gave us wild rice and walleye. It gave us melon and squash and turkey. And we were the children of the land, just like the porcupine and the skunk and the blue jay. Neil Gaiman, American Gods

turkey cemetary 1 U

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  1. Jacque Allard says:

    Like this picture-turkey against a cemetery picture.

  2. Barb Estinson says:

    I really like this quote and picture.

  3. ~ me says:

    I think there’s a quote someone said ….. Ummmmmm….. Like I am nobody. Something like that would go well with this amazing poem. I just can’t remember who.

    Very potent poem Sandy. Thank you

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