What the caterpillar calls the end of the world the master calls a butterfly. Richard Bach

john  butterfly TEEL u

Photo John Baumann

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8 Responses to BUTTERFLY WEEK

  1. Barb Estinson says:

    Butterfly week will be awesome! Great start.

    • Sandy says:

      Thanks, this was my favorite, I’ve never seen one this color.

      • Di Anne Lewis says:

        Hmm – – – I’m thinking the fella decked out in color complete with fuzzy wings in John’s photo might be a moth. If so, what a great start to Butterfly Week – – – moths everywhere will be celebrating their recognition in craigfactor.

      • Sandy says:

        I am pretty sure it is a butterfly. He has sent me ones and it was hard to tell the difference between a butterfly and moth. I’ll ask him again.

      • Sandy says:

        I just sent you an email that this is a butterfly, not a moth so I guess the moths can’t celebrate!

  2. Jesse says:

    Very good, hopefully there will be a picture of a caterpillar during butterfly week 🙂

  3. ~ me says:

    It’s amazing!

    Not only the entity but the colors??!!! My lords I wouldn’t be able to believe colors like that in nature. Magical

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