Be as a bird perched on a frail branch that she feels bending beneath her, still she sings away all the same, knowing she has wings. Victor Hugo

john robin front shot

Photo John Baumann

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  1. Barb Estinson says:

    Such a great photo. You make wonderful use of John’s photographic artistry, Sandy.

    • Sandy says:

      Thanks barb. John sent me some great pics. I have another great robin picture that he sent me, that I like even more than this one, and I think this one is wonderful. I saw some Robins in my yard last month. I sure associate spring with robins.

  2. Di Anne Lewis says:

    Me too. Extraordinary is that I so well remember these spring fellas being still around during a harsh Spokane winter some years ago – – – rarely but there including visitations to my bird bar including chunks of cheddar cheese – – –

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