Federal guidelines state the flag should be flown at half staff at the following dates/times:

•May 15 – Peace Officers Memorial Day

•Last Monday in May – Memorial Day (until noon)

•July 27 – Korean War Veterans Day

•September 11 – Patriot Day

•December 7 – Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day

•For 30 days – Death of a president or former president

•For 10 days – Death of a vice president, Supreme Court chief justice/retired chief justice, or speaker of the House of Representatives.

•From death until the day of interment – Supreme Court associate justice, member of the Cabinet, former vice president, president pro-tempore of the Senate, or the majority and minority leaders of the Senate and House of Representatives. Also for federal facilities within a state or territory, for the governor.

•On the day after the death – Senators, members of Congress, territorial delegates or the resident commissioner of the commonwealth of Puerto Rico

From flagetiquette.us

flag half mast


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3 Responses to

  1. Barb Estinson says:

    The flag at half staff info is interesting. I didn’t know that it was done for so many people (offices).

  2. Di Anne Lewis says:

    Interesting also is that the flag is not flown half staff on every day Washington DC conducts “Bizness” as usual – – –

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