Little Free Library Week

One of my oldest memories of my childhood living on a farm in Montana is riding in car with the windows rolled down and hearing the unmistakable song of the western meadowlark. The song has been described as complex, loud, clear, a warbling whistle, garbled, abrupt, flute-like or a series of gurgling notes that descend in scale. And I would add that it is a beautiful and memorable song. It is little wonder that I was so pleased to discover when we moved to the South Double Diamond that the meadowlark also chose to live in the area. Jim Sage, Living in Paradise (Essays from the Chihuahuan Desert)
little free library field

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2 Responses to Little Free Library Week

  1. Thank you, Sandy, for this lovely excerpt from your Dad’s collection of essays ~ ~ ~
    Is that a crow’s shadow or a meadowlark’s shadow in the bottom right hand corner of the photo?!

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