A wise man remembers his friends at all times; a fool, only when he has need of them. Turkish proverb

turkey on 22nd

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  1. Jesse says:

    You look like you were pretty close to that turkey there, nice pic! Unfortunately, that poor turkey is probably going to be on a dinner table in a few weeks!

    • Sandy says:

      I was in my car and it came pretty close to the curb. I saw the turkeys again after this. They must just hang out in the neighborhood. This turkey looks like it would feed a lot of people! Hopefully no one I live near will shoot it 🙂

  2. me says:

    Amazing photo Sandy!!! (Using a friends computer Argh.)

    Looking at the positive….he’s found a safe haven in your backyard!!!

  3. me says:

    Don’t give Jesse your address. I do believe he is a sharp shooter. 🙂

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