But now I have come to believe that the whole world is an enigma, a harmless enigma that is made terrible by our own mad attempt to interpret it as though it had an underlying truth. Umberto Eco


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  1. GREAT photo to go with Umberto Eco’s quote!!!

  2. Jesse says:

    Genius Sandy! Pure genius! After the bear looked up “enigma” she sat on the bench and is now wondering whether her attempt to interpret and understand the world was all in vain … and after much deliberation she lost track of where she was, only to remember that she is sitting in a graveyard and then couldn’t help but ruminate over the words of an ancient king:

    … I set my mind to seek and explore by wisdom concerning all that has been done under heaven. It is a grievous task which God has given to the sons of men to be afflicted with. I have seen all the works which have been done under the sun, and behold, all is vanity and striving after wind. What is crooked cannot be straightened and what is lacking cannot be counted …

    I said to myself, “Behold, I have magnified and increased wisdom more than all who were over Jerusalem before me; and my mind has observed a wealth of wisdom and knowledge.” And I set my mind to know wisdom and to know madness and folly; I realized that this also is striving after wind. Because in much wisdom there is much grief, and increasing knowledge results in increasing pain …

    So I turned to consider wisdom, madness and folly; for what will the man do who will come after the king except what has already been done? And I saw that wisdom excels folly as light excels darkness. The wise man’s eyes are in his head, but the fool walks in darkness. And yet I know that one fate befalls them both. Then I said to myself, “As is the fate of the fool, it will also befall me. Why then have I been extremely wise?” So I said to myself, “This too is vanity.” For there is no lasting remembrance of the wise man as with the fool, inasmuch as in the coming days all will be forgotten. And how the wise man and the fool alike die!

    • Sandy says:

      This is Ross, who is a he, although Ross was formally Rose, who was a she. So at one time you would have been right with she. How did you know that is exactly what Ross was thinking that day? After much rumination over wisdom, madness, and folly (or was that Lions and Tigers and Bears, oh my) he concluded: I think therefore, I am.

  3. Sandy says:

    Ross is not wearing pink, must be the cheap cell phone camera I have or your eyes. He is a beige bear and the ribbon around his neck is a muted gold color. So there 🙂

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