A little water is a sea to an ant. Afghan proverb

manito 4 6-2-13

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  1. Barb Estinson says:

    Thanks for the reminder about perspective ….

  2. Speaking of perspective, this quote brings to mind a thought I’ve had for years. Here goes: Given that average human height is somewhere between 5 feet and six feet, how would civilization have advanced (or not) over the centuries if the average human height was between, let’s say, 12 inches and 18 inches? In other words, how would/does proportionality factor in??

  3. me says:

    No where….. because we are a bit of grain of sand in the hour glass of time….

    Di Anne I so enjoy the way your mind processes….I’m always seeing a different perspective oh & the above statement …shooting for humor …my other response ….steroids? Again shooting…. I haven’t clue.

  4. Hey “me” – – – just think about a 12 inch human setting upon seas, etc!!!

  5. me says:

    Ladies ………..

    I will not touch that one……

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