A black cat among roses,
phlox, lilac-misted under a quarter moon,
the sweet smells of heliotrope and night-scented stock.
The garden is very still.
It is dazed with moonlight,
contented with perfume… Amy Lowell

lilacs 5-11-13

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5 Responses to

  1. me says:

    I enjoy the whole page….Sandy!

    If my eyes are deceiving me or I do see cat eyes…or are all of us looking for Waldo?

    If there is I think I’ve spot it….though if there is one that…may have issues with felines…may not have the eyes to see? You are teaching again aren’t you?!? We can’t see our nose despite our face? Or we need to get the book “Where’s Waldo”?

    Spill 🙂

  2. me says:

    That there is a black cat in the photo …to coinside with your quote.

  3. me says:

    Boggles…my eyes must be deceiving me…through the bushes, there looks to be a pair of glowing eyes. Age what can you do. LOL

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