Nothing shows a man’s character more than what he laughs at. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

purple shoe 1

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  1. HBSK - going to go push anothor boulder... says:

    I gotten into the appreciation of shoes….but what a pedestal!!!

    What if one hasn’t heard one laugh? or giggle or hear any type of noise? Then their character would be….nothing to laugh at? I’m confused

  2. L says:

    Me too… I’m confused…I laugh at almost everything..or there are things I don’t get but everyone else does…….but I know of those that I don’t think I’ve heard a peep out of…would their character be nothing or what….maybe I’m just over thinking. Yeah…over thinking.

    The ‘sculpture’ is funny with the shoe. My new addiction BOGGLES SHOES EEK. 😦 I blame a certain gentleman that showed me new avenues and ….oops so much for taking ownership! I’m the bloody one that’s buying the blasted shoes! Me Responsible. (But as for the sculpture…not into so much – different strokes for different folks.)

  3. Jesse says:

    What in the world are we talking about, and why is their a shoe that appears to be flying in the air? And what does it say about my character if I am not laughing at it? And yes L laughs at everything (almost) just for the record 🙂

  4. L says:

    The question maybe do you laugh…it isn’t about the “sculpture” . It’s not “it”. May I humbly suggest rereading the quote. It can be somewhat telling of anyones character “about” what one laughs about and then again, another person may perceive an idea of ones character …but perception and the reality of ones character maybe misconstrued. :=)

    I don’t recall hearing you laugh… :p

  5. Gary says:

    Love the shoe!!!! I think gary had his foot in those at one time.

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