The only secure knowledge is that I exist. Rene Descartes

parker manito 3

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  1. Barb Estinson says:

    Makes me smile ……

  2. Di Anne Lewis says:

    Note to Rene Descartes:
    Of course Parker Bear exists – – – as proof I have the most incredible album he put together just for me!!!

  3. Jesse says:

    OMG Descartes, awesome great choice! Look at that little bear, you know what he is thinking right now? He is thinking that the only thing that he cannot doubt and deny is that he is thinking! And since he can doubt everything except that he is thinking he must be a thinking being, and hence: the bear thinks, therefore he is. I am pretty sure that is what the bear is thinking, I mean just look at him :). Actually, he is probably just thinking: why is someone taking a picture of me? 😉

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